Willow Creek at San Martin

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Q: Should registered sex offenders be able to access pretty much any living area in an assisted living facility?

A: No. Common sense and Nevada state law forbid it.

Q: If you knew that a registered sex offender had free run of the grounds of Willow Creek at San Martin Assisted Living in Las Vegas and you were looking to place your loved one there, what would you do?

A: Keep looking.

Q: And what if that sex offender had access to guns?

A: Are you kidding me?

Unfortunately, no, I'm not kidding. A registered sex offender works AT Willow Creek at San Martin in Vegas. Not works FOR, but works AT. There's a difference, but it's only slight. This registered sex offender has been hired by Don Herman Construction. He's being detailed to work as a maintenance guy at Willow Creek at San Martin. Donald Herman is the principle owner of Willow Creek. He's also a Managing Member there. He has the power and the authority to stop this.

Q: Will he?

A: Anybody's guess. It's Donald Herman's guns that this registered sex offender has access to. He's been seen with them at Donald Herman's residences in Southern Highlands.

Q: Does a registered sex offender working in maintenance at Willow Creek at San Martin, in direct contact with vulnerable seniors, who has access to guns as well as anywhere he chooses to go on the Willow Creek properties sound like a good combination to you?

A: No! It sounds like a script from a horror movie! And we know how those go.

Donald Herman, do the right thing. You know who this maintenance guy is. Have him work your other construction projects and get him out of Willow Creek!

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The contents of the malicious and defamatory statements posted on this website have come to the attention of the Willow Creek management. Willow Creek takes theses malicious and defamatory statements extremely seriously and has instituted an investigation that is ongoing.

These malicious and defamatory statements were posted by disgruntled former employees that were recently terminated for cause from Willow Creek. The defamation of Willow Creek, and the invasion of privacy of its employees is being investigated by the appropriate authorities and the appropriate legal action will be taken.

Willow Creek strives to have the highest performance standards and customer service available to its clients and patients in the Las Vegas area.

Please call our corporate office if you have any further questions.


This is an awesome Q&A, however it's sad that this kind of thing is going on at an assisted living facility here in Vegas.These places exist to protect seniors, not place them in harm's way.

I'm looking into assisted living because I'm concerned about my aging mother and her diminishing capacity to be independent.

Willow Creek at San Martin will NOT be a facility I'll have my mother anywhere near.You can be sure of that.

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